m a r t a . c o m- The Marta Gallery


m a r t a . c o m is not dedicated to the name MARTA. It's been my webpage for a while thanks to Tom, who first registered it for me back in 1997. But, since there's only one m a r t a . c o m and many MARTAs out there I thought I could share a little bit of the domain with all of you MARTAs around the world, so...


Just send me an e-mail about yourself, picture required, full name or at least your initials....just "marta" would be to boring (since we all share the same name), location, birthday and you'll be here. It could take a while though before I upload your data, I'm a very busy marta, so please be patient.

 There are 134 MARTAs in the Gallery - last update April 19, 2009

1. Marta Citterico, Rome (Italy)
2. Marta L., Ohio (USA)
3. Marta Salvat, Tarragona (Spain)
4. Marta Arriola, Santoña (Cantabria, Spain)
5. Marta Grijalva, Switzerland
6. Marta Tamarit

7. Marta Henriquez, Boston, (MA, USA)
8. Marta Reiman, Tulsa, (Oklahoma, USA)
9. Marta Sánchez, Panama City (Panama)
0. Marta Carvalho Foley
11. Marta Martin
12. Marta Maldonado, Barcelona

13. Marta Albert, Zürich (Switzerland)
14. Marta Haftek 
15. Marta Kostecki
16. Marta N.
Marta Dybikowska
19. Marta Alexandra Lopes Alves Grilo
20. Marta Lason
21. Marta Garrido, Spain
22. Marta Matos
23. Marta LIPIŃSKA
24. Marta Chambers
26. Marta del Pozo
27. Marta Molas
8. Marta Holstein-Beck,, Norway
29. Marta Wiechowska
30. Marta Piotrowski-Orbell
31. Marta, from Iowa
2. Marta Smith
33. Marta Avellana Fort
34. Marta López
35. Marta López Montesinos

37. Marta Bates
38. Marta Grzegorek
39. Marta Vera
40. Marta Maraboli-Paul
41. Marta Katherine Bunse
42. Marta
43. Marta Crovello
44. Marta Jean Rapp
45. Marta Puig Paltor
46. Marta Jamróz
47. Marta Abad Viñet
48. Marta Santos
49. Marta Debowski
50. Marta Gunnars
51. Marta Dabek
52. Marta Rogacz
53. Marta Muller
54. Marta King
55 Marta de la Muñoza
56. Marta de la Muñoza
57. Marta Wanot
58. Marta
59. Marta Bartkiewicz
60. Marta, Estonia
61. Marta Finkelstein
62. Marta Viñals Kosters
63. Marta Larsen
64. Marta Johannesen
65. Marta, from Richmond
66. Marta, Connecticut, USA
67. Marta Ferrer Pons
68. Marta Ferrando
69. Marta Rossoshanskiy
70. Marta Moberg Skåtun
71. Marta Martin, West Virginia - USA
72. Marta, Poland

73. Marta Escañuela
74. Marta Puebla
75. Marta Setúbal
76. Marta Alexandra Gomez Murillo
77. Marta P., Poland
78. Marta Rozek, Canada
79. Marta Montini, Italy
Marta Bagan
Marta Bakula
82. Marta Jakarta
83. Marta Fernández
84. Marta García
85. Marta Khosraw
Marta da Cunha Carvalho
Marta Szpakowska
88. Marta Elizabeth C.
89. Marta Carata
90. Marta Agnieszka Etynkowska
91. Marta Angus
92. Marta Sedano
Marta Waterman
94. Marta Sofia Spínola Barnabé
95. Marta Schenk
96. Marta Irena M
97. Marta Lillioja
98- Marta Fuster
99. Marta Nuñez
100. Marta Solé Rodríguez
101. Marta Soon
102. Marta Ippolito
103. Marta  Stanić
Marta Fallani
105. Marta O.
106. Marta Petrone
Marta Barisic Peacock
Marta Bashirova
109. Marta Tryniszewska
110. Marta Hardy
Marta Rós Karlsdóttir
112. Marta Prazakova
113. Marta Ydelniczk
114. Marta Maldonado, Atlanta
Marta Szczecińska
116. Marta Szarkiewicz
117. Marta Nogueira
118. Marta Martin
119. Marta Magaña, CA - USA
120. Marta Lamovsek
121. Marta, Armenia
121. Marta Gal
122. Marta Szczecinska
123. Marta Nater
124. Marta Komoko
125. Marta Jónsdóttir
126. Marta Grzegorek
127.Marta Reprezas
128. Marta Perez
129. Marta Brown
130. Marta Bucher
131. Marta Trini, Italy
132. Marta Rozek, Poland
133. Marta Forcher, Seattle, USA
134. Marta Smith, Seattle, USA
Marta Smith

Greetings, Marta – I have watched your web site for many years, since the early days of the Internet. I was always impressed that you have held on to the domain name for such a long time—I would imagine that many have tried to purchase it from you. Congrats on keeping it yours! And thanks a million for creating the Marta gallery—what a wonderful treat for us Martas. Your photography is magnificent—thank you for sharing it with the world.

My full name is Marta Smith. I’m 41 years old (born in October 1967), and I’m a software engineer living in Seattle, Washington, USA. My interests including sea kayaking, camping, traveling, sailing, art, riding my motorcycle, playing with my cats, and performing with a semi-professional belly dance troupe. I also love good food, good wine, and good film.

I recently did some research on the name “Marta” – I had originally thought that it was derived from the Latin, translated as “child of Mars” (i.e., child of war). However, it can also be traced to ancient Aramaic, in which it means “Lady.” I think I like the second one better. Cheers to all the Martas of the world!
Marta Forcher

My name is Marta Forcher.I am 26 years old and live in Seattle, Wa. My birthday is 15.12.1981 I am Austrian, Sicilian, and egyptian. I am a dual-citizen of 2 countries. I am a single mother a a beautiful bi-racial 5year old boy d Jaden Harris Echo-Hawk Atkinson. I am studying to become a mortician, uncommon but a career that helps other. I am very happy to see all the other beautiful Marta's on here.I would love to talk to anyone and meet any new people especially Marta's. I love to travel and have driven cross country in the United States twice this year already. I have been through 20 states already this year. I would love to travel to Egypt and many other countries. I love to surf, paint, and write. I am going to look through all the Marta's much love to you all.

Marta Rozek

I'm Marta Rozek from Poland. I was born in 1995. I have light-brown hair and grey eyes. I'm 1,70m high. I'm interested in Maths and English.I love music, mainly soul and R&B. I live in the suburb of Gliwice. I love playing the piano and corresponding with English native speakers. I haven't got any sibling or pet. My favourite sports are basketball, skiing, rollerblading and skating. I also love spending time with my friends.
Marta Trini

Hi, I'm MARTA TRINI from Gradisca D'Isonzo (GORIZIA) ITALY. I was born on May 6th 1986.
I'm a Physics student, I'll be an Astrophysicist!
I love 80s heavy metal music and going to concerts.
I play the piano and the electric guitar (not very good).
Things I like are: singing, drawing, skating, swimming, watching japanese cartoons, reading fantasy and science books, going out with friends, listening to music and playing computer games.
I'm kind, friendly and nice but also pessimist, moody, hard to please and restless.
Very cool site...CHEERS TO ALL THE MARTAS, we're special!!!!

Marta Bucher

How many Beautiful Martas!!! =)
I'm Marta Bucher, from Rio de Janeiro, where I live with my husband and 3 daughters (24, 22 and 20).
I'm architect and love Photography. My birthday is November 30, 1954. I love to find this web page!!!
Kisses from Brazil for all of Martas!!!
Marta Brown

Hello....marta's .. My name is Marta Brown i am 29 yrs of age, and born on 09-07-1979.... I live in Barbourville Kentucky...
Marta Perez

Hi marta my name is marta i live in orlando florida born Jan 17th 1970 in my island of puertorico.I love your marta.com page,love all those marta's there were sure make a big marta gang...:)
Marta Reprezas

Hi Marta

And Hi all the Marta’s . This site is great, good to see all of you around the world!

I was born in Angola, am Portuguese and recently came back from Mozambique to Portugal. My name is Marta Reprezas, 38 years old and recently a mom to a beautiful Stella of 2. I love photography so I will be spending time looking at your photos.

The name Marta has given me all my life a difference witch I have enjoyed and funny enough very ancient name.

Good luck to you all
Marta Grzegorek

Hi, I'm Marta too:)
I'm from Poland, I live in Trzebnica (small city:P)
I'm 17, I like reading (Tolkien!!!), painting and irish dancing:) I love celtic culture also.
I have a twin brother.
I foun that website very interesting and funny. It was a great idea:D
Huge kisses for all Martas:***!
Marta Jónsdóttir

Martas are obviously really pretty women! J

My name is Marta Jónsdóttir and was born in Reykjavík, Iceland, on may 17th 1979.

I´m a lawyer and work for a lawfirm in Reykjavík. I live with my boyfriend Smári, who found this site and told me about it.

The person I was named after is Marta Gunnarsdóttir, my mothers sister, and she is one of the Martas that has already been listed on this site!

Best regards from Iceland.


Marta Jónsdóttir
Marta Komoko

Hi im Marta Komoko! Im 17 years old and im a senior at high school. I was born April8, 1990. Im ukrainian but currently live in USA, Michigan. I think this website is amazing, and i hope to see myself here soon. =)
Marta Nater

My name is marta i live up in orlando florida and i love your gallery.wow so many marta`s huh.Well I single living alone with 2working jobs.I really enjoy your homepage marta and thanks marta,god bless you and your beautifull familly.
Marta Szczecinska

Hello I'M Marta Szczecinska from Poland
I'm model  :)  I give you my photos to
your lovley site about Marta :):):)









Marta Gal

Hello dear Ladies & gents,

hehe...nice idea...

I am Marta Gal from Germany originaly from Slovakia (Bratislava).
The name GAL comes from my Grandpa - Florian Gal.
Speaking Slovak, Czech, English and German, my birthsday is on 12 of Mai.

I am Internet Development Manager and love to design Sites.
My private site is www.moonweaver.com
I love surfing, golf, sailing, snowboarding.

nice greetings to all Martas,




Marta from Armenia







Hello, my name is Marta. I'm from Armenia, but Now I'm living in Russia.

I was born in 8 march 1987. I want say "Hello" for   Marta"s  from all over the world.

Marta Lamovsek

Oh, I love this site! Guess what? I was named after my mother, so yes - she is Marta, too. I'm 32 photographer and a writer for the COSMOPOLITAN magazine. Yes, my main subject is SEX. I also have a blog named “Strung out of life”, you can check it: www.zadetaodlajfa.si - yes, I’m high on life!!! I have a great passion about fashion photography, design, music, sex, party and people with a karizma. I only take pics of people I love and admire, (like myself :) people I find attractive and who are passionate about their goals. In my free time I love spending quallity time with my friends, I call them “urban tribe” and – yes, I like photographing them, like ALL THE TIME!
You can find my profile on Myspace also: www.myspace.com/zadetaodlajfa

I think it’s awesome there is so many of you out there! You totally made my day! Greetings to all of you beautiful Martas of the world!

Marta Lamovšek, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Marta Magaña

How great it was to read though the descriptions of all my fellow Marta’s out there. I was born August 7th, 1981 and I live in Santa Ana, CA with my husband, Eric, and my doggie, Bubba.

I dig photography, reading , Frida Kahlo, eating, Gabriel Garia Marquez. I love God and I love the rumble tumble that is life. Remember to love fully and selflessly (why love at all if not in this fashion?) I hope your respective journeys place you in more intersections of creativity, sisterhood, and passion like what is represented on this site!
Marta Martin

i'm Marta(of course)Martin.
i'm 24 years old and i live in Padova a city near Venice in Italy!!
i study molecolar biology at the university in Milan!! I hope to see my pictures soon in this funny web site!!
bye bye


Marta Nogueira

hi my name is Marta Nogueira, my birthday is 10th May 1988 and I live in Luxembourg (EU)

Marta Szarkiewicz

Born in Scotland, UK in 1979
I've lived in Scotland all my life and work in the oil industry as a Systems Engineer
I live with my fiancé who I love very much and his name is Ian.
Im 5 foot 6 and have dark blonde hair.
I love trampolining and gymnastics and love my cat, called Chloe
Marta Szczecińska

Hello I'm Marta szczecińska from Poland :) and I send you my pictures to your site :) this is very lovley site and this is my www.mala-modeleczka.blog.onet.pl

Kiss Marta-Maria Szczecinska


Marta Maldonado

Hi! I'm so happy to know there are so many beautiful Marta's out there. I'm Marta Maldonado, a 30 year old, married, mother of two who was born in Puerto Rico but raised in the suburbs of Altanta, Georgia. Being raised in Atlanta was pretty hard...everyone thought I was named after our transit system, M.A.R.T.A. (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority). Or better yet they would ask, "were you born on a bus?" Needless to say, it wasn't easy growing up as a kid named Marta. I was really named after my mother, Marta Roman, who's Puerto Rican and decided to move to Atlanta with my dad to raise their daughter. Oh...and guess where my mother has worked for the past 20 years?....oh yes...at M.A.R.T.A.! (Who has also posted a Picture in the gallery.)

As crazy as it may sound...Marta from Atlanta, whose mom is also named Marta who works at M.A.R.T.A. signs off and says....I wish you upon you HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE...and TIME to enjoy it!

~Marta Maldonado from Atlanta, Ga.




Marta Ydelniczk

Hi, I'm Marta:) from Poland. I'm so happy that I have found that side.I born on 24.12.1985 (xmas:) I'm studing on Univercity of Economic in Wroclaw. I love travelling and metting new people. I like "our" name Marta, its the best name in the world!!!!


Marta Prazakova

Greetings Martas!!!!!!

What a brilliant idea!

I am also Marta, I live in Czech Republic, lived in Australia past 11 years and then decided to come back to my beautifull homeland.

I was born June 3rd 1977 in Prague and love photography.

I am named Marta after my Godmother and my child (once I will have one and if a girl) will deffinitely also be named Marta.

Hope you are all happy and proud of our name (so unique and individual!)

Kisses Marta
Marta Rós Karlsdóttir

Hello to all you beautiful Marta´s !

My name is Marta Rós Karlsdóttir and was born in Reykjavík, Iceland in september 7th 1982. I´m a typical virgo, perfectionist and organized in most areas but a complete mess in other areas =) I´m a master student in mechanical engineering and planning to work in the geothermal energy sector in the future. I loooooove my name, allways been proud of it and was so glad to see all the different Marta’s on the website, it´s a fantastic contribution to our beautiful name! So hi! to all you Marta´s out there, so pleased to meet you =*

Best regards from Iceland!



Marta Hardy


Boy this was so cool to see everyone that shares my name. I am Marta L. Hardy, born in 1953 in Bradenton Florida. I live in Indiana now. My parents were circus performers on the Ringling brothers circus. My father was the youngest of 7 children born here in the states. All of the rest of his family are from Russia. My mother has a Irish, English heritage. They always told me that I was named for a song that was written in the 30's. I have always had a difficult time with my name because people mispronounce it. They are not used to hearing this name and for a long time it bothered me when people didn't get it. It isn't important anymore. But again, sure is nice to see all the lovely ladies that I share this name with.

Marta Tryniszewska

When I read this text about all Martas I realize that we are the same!! And that it is beautiful!!
Marta-that name it is the best whot my mom did ;))
I live in Poland and I have blond hair and green eyes;)
I'm very crazy and my heart is very big too!
All Martas are very strong weman that's why we are so helpfull.....

Big kisses for all Marta...;))
Marta Tryniszewska


Marta Bashirova, Russia

Marta Barisic Peacock

Hello marta ladies!!!

I have never met another marta and then, what a surprise! stumbled accross 81 of us! Im a 21 yr old Croatian, born in Bosnia on the 5th of march, live in Sheffield, England. Have lived in England for almost a decade and now have dual citizenship, so im half half! Its great to see so many Martas around the world all gathering together on this lovely web site! well done (original) marta who came up with this idea!
love ya all martas
marta x x x
Marta Petrone
our daughetrs name is Marta Maria Petrone, she is our little Marta and we would like to put her into your gallery.
She has her own website, www.martapetrone.com where are two blogs and a photo gallery.
Epp and Justin Petrone

Marta O.
hello, my name is marta o.
I live in Spain and work in Madrid, although I was born in Barcelona. I spend my holidays usually in the island of Menorca, with my cats.
I have one daughter.
I enjoy skiing and scuba diving.
It's been good looking at your web site!
Cheers to all the MARTAS
Marta Fallani

Hi, I'm Marta too! I'm 23 in july and I live in Rome, Italy. I've find this site by chance, and I'm very happy to know that it exist! Marta is a beautifull name, it means "Lady" in aramaic, "Signora" in italian. Marta is just THE NAME for a woman! I have long dark hair and dark eyes; I'm very tall (1.77 mt) and slim. I'm a student and my great passion is theatre. I hope my dreams will be realize...

Marta Stanić

Hi, everyone!

Guess what`s my name!!!:)

I am 15, I live in Croatia and I`m going to art school (drawing)... I love fun, parties, hanging around with friends and of corse making new friends. That is why I love summer too. Also I can`t live without music!!!
Marta Ippolito

Wow, I didn't know their were so many people named Marta. Our name is very unique. I found your site today because my friend told me that their was such a thing as marta.com in technology class today at school, and I was bored so I looked it up. : ]

I live in Texas but my family is from Italy

My birthday is May 29

I'm very passionate about theatre arts and have been told that I am the "social butterfly"; very outgoing and a little crazy at times... arn't we all! : ) I am currently a teenager and am loving it! Everyone named Marta is one of a kind and very special. Whatever we put our minds to, we can do it!


Marta Soon

Hi Marta!

My name is Marta too. I’m 22. I was born is Poznan, Poland on 14th of August 1983. I have moved to Australia about two years ago and I’m leaving in Sydney permanently. My hobby is music, dance, media, fashion and photography.

I like my name and it will be a pleasure to be in your gallery!

Thanks, kind regards!

Marta Soon
Marta Solé Rodríguez

Hi I'm Marta from Barcelona and of course I'd like to be in your web. :P
my full name is Marta Solé and as I've just said I'm from Barcelona, I'm 17 (5 July 1988)

here you are some photos.

PD: you've had a brilliant idea doing this web, it's really original


kises or "kisus" as we say here in Catalonia

Marta Nuñez

hi, my name is marta nuñez im 14 and im from colombia.

Marta Fuster

Marta Lillioja

Hey, my name is Marta Lillioja and I am from Estonia. Im 17 years old and i was born in 20.11.1990.
In my free time i like to hang out with my friends. I also like travelling very much. Feel free to write me ;) - mlillioja@hotmail.com


Marta Irena M

hi my names Marta Irena M.
im raised by a polish family and i live in canada.

my bday is January 21.


Marta Schenk

Hi Marta,

My name is Marta Schenk. I was born in Monterrey, Mexico. I lived there for two years until my adoptive made a decision to adopt. I lived in Dallas, Texas until I started the first grade. My adoptive mother became home sick so we moved to McAllen, Texas to be closer to my adoptive mother’s family. I lived in McAllen, Texas until I graduated high school in 1995. It was then that I moved to Oklahoma City to continue with my education (mostly for a change). I have been here ever since.

My plans have changed more than once and that is partly why I am still in Oklahoma. I attended Langston University to pursue a degree in physical Therapy and worked mainly in the nursing field. After having my son, my maternity leave turned into a four year hiatus from school. During this time, my career path has changed due to different positions I took while out of school. Consequently, my son (Saul) is now four years old and mommy is back in school and working.

My friends tell me that I am a bit uptight and that I need to let my hair down. My idea of fun is me, an old classic on the tube and pizza delivery. I spend my personal time reading anything I can get my hands on and playing literati (not much of a socialite). My son and I enjoy parks and long walks along Lake Hefner (we like to call it a lake anyway). I have always loved pets. I am actually a cat lover; however, Saul (my son) is allergic to cat hair. I knew that I just had to get him a pet so I settled for a cute little wirehaired Jack Russell terrier.

Marta Sofia Spínola Barnabé


Iam Marta Sofia Spínola Barnabé, from Portugal (Setúbal). I'm 11 years old, i was born on 17 - April - 1994 in Setúbal a small town near Lisbon, in Portugal.

I have brown hair and brown eyes and, i 'm very cheerfull and kind person.

I would like appear in your site because it's an nice page. About me said that i'm a student, i like very much play Taekwondo and swim. I have many friends and i like hanging out with them, going to the cinema and listening to music.

It's a pleasure share the name Marta with all of you, and i hope that this page be more and more big every day.

Best wishes and hugs for all Martas around the world!!!"

And many kisses for all ( sorry for my English...).

Marta Waterman

Hi Marta -

My name is Marta Waterman, and I live in New York State and in Florida. I'm an entertainer - I sing and play the piano in high end restaurants. My birthday is July 5, my favorite number is 5, so my website is www.marta5.com (since you already had marta.com!). I have two sons, both musicians too, who are grown up now and I love them like crazy. I'm a happy person who savors my life, my family, my friends and my music.

I love the fact that you have this site for all of us Martas - it's fun to read about so many others, since I hardly ever meet anyone else with my name. I was born with the name Martha, but dropped the ugly H quite a long time ago! Marta rules!
Marta Sedano

Hello, hello? Indeed my name’s Marta too…I am a sample of Marta born in Spain the 4th of June of 1975. I now live in Madrid where I am from but I have also lived in the UK and Austria for many years.

Likes: Sea food, colour green, the number eight, storms, good music, the smell of places I’ve never been to before and guys with a sense of humour.

Dislikes? Queuing, miniskirts, artichokes and screaming kids on planes.

Fancies: Photography, travel, reading and finding random websites like this. :>

I am writing to wish all Marta’s in the world a life full of passion, adventure and wonderful days!

All the ‘bestest’ to all from,

Marta (of course!)



Marta Angus

hi, i m marta angus! i was born 24 years ago , married 5 years ago and found this site days ago. i live in vancouver, canada. i see the world through my blue eys and everything looks sharp. im alot of things to alot of people. my best friend is mr. angus and my best sister is maja. my best mom is ewa and my favorite dad is stan. i love the letters that make up words. i am marta.

Marta Agnieszka Etynkowska


My name is Marta Agnieszka Etynkowska. I currently live in Toronto but I was born in Mielec, Poland (January 21, 1977). Great idea for a website! All the best to all of the Marta's everywhere in the world. May your lives be filled with love and happiness!


Marta Carata

Hi! I'm Marta C. from Italy and I'm 21. I'm a student and I study english and russian at the university.
My father didn't like my name when my mum proposed him "Marta"... he preferred something older,
such as Lucrezia or Anastasia... horrible, don't you think? at the end, my mum imposed herself and
so... here I am with my wonderful name!!! I've a fantastic boyfriend, Daniele, and in november I will
take a degree. Now. you know everything about me !!!!

best wishes to all marta in the world and I apologize if my english isn't perfect..

Bye bye

Marta Elizabeth C.

guess what? my name is marta... very origianal, i know.
i found your site just casually and i never would have thought to find out that my mane was so common, because i actually don't know many people that have it.
your pictures are incedible.... i too love to photograph particular moments of one's life, i belive each picture has the power to capture one's story and keep it safe, but still iving the chance to evryone to know it.
i just turned 18 on the 21st of may and i come from verona, italy.
it would be nice if you could publish my picture, thanx

-marta elizabeth c.-
Marta Szpakowska

I´m 26 years young live in Gothenburg, Sweden...
Although I was born in a beautiful city in Poland
called Gdansk, and there´s my heart.
Just like every `marta´ I´m VERY proud of my name. The
funny thinh is that here in Sweden they say and write
our name diffrently - `märtha´- so people never say my
name right!!!!
I´m a crazy person that loves spending my time with
friends, travelling, listening to all kind of misic
and just making people laugh.
Always be happy :o)
with love//
Marta da Cunha Carvalho

Hello !!

My name is... Marta da Cunha Carvalho. I live in France but I was born in Portugal. I live in France since 17 years. I am 22 (27/12/1982). I'm studing to be a Trlingual Personal Assistant because I like to speak several languages (French, Portuguese, French and English).

I love our name Marta and the feeling that I'm nearly the only one to be called Marta in France.

I'm a dark-haired and brown-eyed girl. You can see a little of my world in my blog : http://borboleta.skyblog.com.

Sorry for my english...


Marta Khosraw

Hello my name is marta khosraw, I was curious and just typed my name in the address bar, and bam there it is

Marta Khosraw, 25 from San Francisco Ca birthday dec.3 [the same as Ozzy Osbourne]

I work @ PlayStation and I play the Guitar and the keyboard and the drums a little. I love music. and this website trips me out. I am in 2 bands, and my hair is pink

Marta García

Yo soy Marta García y soy de Jaen (España)
I'm Marta García and I from of Jaen (Spain) I'm 15 years old. Kisses
Marta Fernández

Hello Marta!

I am Marta Fernández from Spain. I am 25 years old and I studyed Psychology.I live in the North of Spain in Pamplona.

I think that your page it´s great! I liked it a lot.

Thanks for the opportunity to Martas.

Marta Jarkaja

hey, my name is Marta.....and i am from Lithuania,do you know, where it is? =)very small country near Poland and Russia.you know, at first i did not like my name, it seems to me, that, Marta is one of the worst name...but then , I understood...that all Martas are very happy girls and woman, because,it is very interesting and beautiful name...
I am 18 years old, now i am studying at school,but in summer i want to go in England or Ireland to work!
Marta Bakula

Hi ! My name is Marta Bakula and I am from Zagreb, Croatia. I was born 19. September 2006, almost 3 months old now ! I love my mommy and daddy and like to smile a lot :) BYE !


Marta Bagan

Hi Marta,
I know a very special Marta that should definitely be included in this web site (after your permission) she is a very unique polish girl that lives in London and enjoys a pint of Vodka for breakfast. Im attaching a very pretty, innocent picture of her on her 20th birthday.
Best regards to all Martas in this planet.


Marta Montini

I am Italian,writing from Milan,but have moved to South Africa for 6 years,and now back to Milan.and than who knows..I am 30 years old.
I love travelling, good food, hildren, good films, music, photographs and people that realize their dreams of life.
All the Martas around the world are unique and special!

Marta Rozek

My name is Marta Rozek. I was born Feb.3, 2004 in Toronto, Canada and I'm of Polish background.

I love to remove books from bookshelves, chew on my dog toys (mine don't taste as good) and to play.
I also enjoy traveling. I've already been to New Foundland (breathtaking scenery and people) and this summer I will go to visit the old country (Poland).

Martas of the world unite !

Marta P.
Birthday: October 9. 1980
Birthplace: Poland
Living in: Toronto, Canada
E-Mail: wereinheaven@hotmail.com
URL: http://marta.2ya.com

Hugs & kisses to all the other Martas around the world! Thank you Marta for sharing a part of marta.com with us, this is a really cool idea!
Marta Alexandra Gomez Murillo

Here is my niece. Her name is Marta Alexandra Gomez Murillo. She is 7 days old!!

Marta Setúbal
I don't think marta is a boring name. i like it very much.

I was born on the 20th october 1985, and lived in a small town (Vila Real de Santo António) in Algarve, Portugal.
I like to travel, to dance. i love music (bjork, classical, jazz, radiohead, massive atack, ...), i love cinema (NOT hollywood ones, please...), i love images and i love moments.

Marta Puebla
My name is Marta Puebla, I'm 20 years old. 26-august-1984. I am from Mexico, I live in a small city named Hermosillo. I study economics at university of Sonora. I'm a very outgoing person! I'd like to speak several languages, but know I only speak so so english, spanish of course and a little bit of french and italian. I hope I'll be working like a economist in a future, making good projects and plans! I'd like to travel around Europe and LatinAmerica too.
I am really proud of my name, because in my country is most common the name "Martha" than "Marta", but you must know that the name of the President's wife is MARTA!
Greeting for all Martas!!!

Marta Escañuela from Granada


I'm a young dentist from Poland.
I wish Martas all around the world good luck in their lifes.
Can't imagine myself with any other name,cause this one is full of optimism.
Love /Marta.D
Marta Martin

I guess I'll be your second Marta Martin! I've corresponded with the first one once or twice. I reside in Charleston, WV...I'm the mother of four children and I'm a writer and researcher.My web address is: www.wheresmypants.com

I am of Serbian descent, born and raised in Pittsburgh and was named for my paternal grandmother.
I'm a Scorpio Marta...born on November 11th, 1958.
I guess I'm getting to be an old Marta, too.
Marta Moberg Skåtun
Hi, I'm Marta from Norway!
I'm born in may 1977 and study childcare and welfare at the university college in Oslo.
I'm named after my grandmother, who was also a Marta.
In Norway the name Marta is quite seldom used, but all the same everybody's got a grandmother or an old aunt called Marta.

Marta Rossoshanskiy

Hey name is Marta Rossoshanskiy. My email is princessa_marta@yahoo.com. I live in Virginia, USA. My birthday is April 4, 1991, and I'm 5'7 1/2 feet tall. I like to hang out with friends, travel, read, shop, sing (only when no one is listening), and play on the computer.

My mom named me Marta, because her favorite character, out of her favorite movie was named Marta.

I used to hate the name Marta, but now I think it's a special name, and uncommon. Martas out there, be proud of such an awesome name!!!!!

Marta Ferrando

Hello to all Marta's -

I live in Portland, Oregon (USA), born April 26, 1961. My father was from Switzerland and I am named after his mother "Marta Lena". This is a picture with me and my mom (her name is Shirley).

When I was growing up, I was the ONLY Marta in my school. Even today, people comment about my name, either "how pretty" or "how unusual" is it short for anything? in which I reply, NO!

Thank you for sharing your website Marta!!!

Marta Ferrer Pons

Birthday: 13/01/1987
Igualada (Barcelona) [Catalunya] -- SPAIN.


My name is Marta and I'm a solid 3-month-old lady lab. I live in coastal
Connecticut with my family. I enjoy chasing ice cubes, playing with my two
brothers and chewing on anything within my reach. If nobody is looking, I
like to sneak a few tasty blades of grass once in a while. In this picture,
which was taken a few weeks ago when I was just a kid, I'm running through
my backyard tunnel with my friend Alligator. I have yet to meet another
Marta, but when I do, I hope that she will scratch my tummy.

Marta, from Richmond

Tonight I decided to stick my name in the search box and I found your fabulous site full of Martas. I just love it!

I am a 49 year old Marta living in Richmond, Virginia with my husband, Jerry and my German Shepherd, Rusha (pronounced: Russia).
My family of Swiss-German heritage came to America in the mid-1700's and we have been here ever since. My family names include: Thomas, Craun, Landes/Landis, Shank, and Fifer. And, I'm an annuity specialist with a Fortune 500 company.

I LOVE the name Marta. Although, when I was younger and always the only Marta in class and the only Marta that anyone knew, I sort of wanted a more common name, like Debbie or Karen...but as I grew older I discovered the how much I loved NOT having a name as boring as a Debbie or Karen, or God forbid...Martha...YUK!!!

My father named me after a movie star, by the name of Marta Toren. She starred in a couple of films before an early death due to a brain tumor. But, I have read, when Sophia Loren was looking for a movie name for herself...she took the T off of Toren and added the L to become Sophia Loren. My dad said, if he ever had a daughter her name would be Marta and my mother thought it would sound great with her maiden name of Craun, which is my middle name.

Also, not the youngest girl in the movie, The Sound of Music, but the next youngest has the name Marta. She is the dark haired one in pigtails. I think her only line in the entire movie is when she introduces herself to Maria when she steps forward and says, "Marta." Go figure.

But, it certainly is a thrill to meet so many other wonderful Martas.

I am including a black and white photo of myself in my purple wedding dress. Don't worry...I think the other Martas will understand this concept.
Marta Johannesen The Faroe Islands

hey hey :)

My name is Marta Johannesen and I am from The Faroe Islands (via Denmark).
I am 19 years old and I am a student at the Businesschool.

I play teather, vollyball, and paint in my spare time.

My grantmothers name was Marthea and was from Norway.

love Marta

Marta Larsen

My name is Marta Larsen, and I'm 17. I think the Marta gallery is SO cool!! But I was really surprised to see that for some people Marta is a very common name. I have never in my life met another Marta. I guess it depends where you live, huh? I live in Washington State, USA, and go to the Tacoma School of the Arts. I love my name, because for me it is very different...no one else has it. Except for all you cool people!! I love photography, drawing, and dancing. :-)

Marta Viñals Kosters - kosters@softhome.net

Hi all!!
I'm also a Marta, of course. Anyway, there is another Marta, coming from Barcelona, 28 years old that loves her name, her cats, her city, her job producing books, and makeing new friends.
You can write me in english, italian, spanish, portuguese and, of course, in catalan.
I hope to hear from you soon!!

Marta Finkelstein

Hello, my name is marta finkelstein. I'm 14 years old and I live in California but soon i may be moving to Indiana. My life is about the Fine arts, mostly drama. I've been in 8 shows in the last few years and they have changed my life. You can read about my life at my website: www.xanga.com/moviefreak12 I'm also interested in writing stories, taking pictures, singing, almost everything to do with art except dancing. I am no dancer... I hope to study acting one day in college somewhere in europe (maybe the royal scottish academy of music and drama).


hello...i was really happy to find this web-page with all the martas. i myself am marta pulk from Estonia from a city called Pärnu. i am 15year old student. my birthday is on the 6th of April. i was born in 1988.

Marta Bartkiewicz

Hello my name is Marta Bartkiewicz. I come from Poland. I study in High School Nr VII in Poznań. I'm sixteen years old and I want to get to know you, so just write (marta-bebe@wp.pl), I can also correspod in deutch, but not very well :)


Marta Wanot, 03/09/89, London-England

Hi martas!
Once in IT I was quiet bored and curious so I went to marta.com and I couldn't believe there are so many Martas. And here we are.
Im a 14 years old girl. Since a year I live in England. I speak german and polish as well. I like talking, shopping, music and the Simpsons. I'm talking a lot and I really can't shut my mouth...! I love shopping and I think cartoons are great. My favorite singer is Sean Paul and I'm mad about his music!I'm quiet shy but I'm still always trying to make new friends ;)

Marta de la Muñoza

hello! my name is marta de la muñoza i live in girona(spain) and i love basketball, my birthday is 08.06.1989 i have got 14 years!!! and i love the boys!!!

Marta King

marta is a crazy girl who loves anything and all related to the arts: drama, visual arts, literature, dancing, singing....anything. She is widely noted for her energy and spirited nature, most of all she loves to have fun. She is an honestly happy person, she really truly loves life and appreciates the beauty that it holds.

Marta Mueller, Alaska

Thank you for the Marta gallery. I was always dispointed looking through "personalized" items on racks at stores when I was a child. I could never find my name on pencils and barrettes. I am merely a Marta from Fairbanks, AK. Perhaps I am your Farthest North Marta.

This picture was taken with a digital camera and I had problems with the horrid contrast of my ghost-white against the sand caused in the sun. If you want great light for photographs, come to Alaska. The low angle of the sun creates warmth to pictures. I tried to reduce the brightness of my feet with Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for Mac OS X.

"I am merely Marta Mueller from Fairbanks, Alaska, USA. My birthday is 73.08.14. I am a graduate student in the biology program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (http://www.uaf.edu). I am chapter advisor to the Zeta Mu Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority. I help people manage invasive plants (http://www.cnipm.org). I listen to public radio (http://www.kuac.org). I like to take pictures of my feet in the many places they travel. Here I am standing in the Atlantic Ocean during January, winter in North America. I was pretty excited as I had never stood barefoot in an ocean. One tends to wear waterproof boots while standing in the Bering Sea."

Marta Rogacz

My name is of course...Marta :) I come from Poland. I am 24 years old and I am a student. I love dreams and I believe that they will come true when we believe in them. I have a rabbit - Manhattan and dog-Alska. I want to visit USA some days because I love travel. I am optimist. Friends call me Mati. I love music and Musicals...one year ago me and me friend have done own musical "Cudowne marzenia" ("Wonderful dreams")- you can visit our web-site

my e-mail address: mati606@interia.pl

Marta Dabek, Poland, 22 years old.
I live in Poland witha my family and my husband. I love happy poeple and animals ( especially CATs ). Sia la la la la zabawa trwa. I love vacations!!!!!
Bye bye
Pozdrowienia z Polski - grettings from Poland

Marta Gunnars

Hello all of you

I was born 15. of November 1949 in Reykjavik the capital of Iceland.

I have lived here all my life and I like it. Sometimes the wether is cold but the houses are not. We heat them with hot water and we have plenty of it here and therefore we have nice hot swimming pools.

I have 3 "Children" but they are not a children any more, and 3 grandchildren.
I am a preschool teacher, my speciality are in teaching children with all kind of special needs.
I have had many cats like many of the Martas I read about on the Web.

With love from Iceland
Marta Gunnarsdóttir


Marta Debowski

my name is marta debowski, I am 13 years old,my birthday is on the 11th june.i have brown hair ,blue eyes and i am from poland but i live in germany i love meeting my friend katha

Marta Santos

June 19, 1985

Newark, NJ

IM currently in college , trying ti get my degree in Nursing. I love music, dancing being with freinds and most of all having fun with my best freind, who happens to be my boyfreind =) I love you hunnie!

Marta Abad Viñet

HI!,My name is marta abad viñet,i´m live in barcelona, i´m a hippie girl,and i love the animals,the music and painting.
my e-mail is:drac69_96@hotmail.com
17 years old (10-10-1985)

Marta Jamróz

Hello Marta
I'm Marta born in Poland,Chelm, 6/6/1978
Marta Jamróz from Poland
live for a while in Holland
but soon going to USA-land

changing my life step by step,one year ago i was dreaming to travel,and just after that Holland,Egypt,England and in the end destination USA,well it is not the end i am sure,just the beginning
i can say i am lucky,but someone giving me this luck and protect me all the time,i feel that...
good to look at your web site,nice photos,and what a nice family all together
wish u good luck in your life,happiness
take care

Marta Puig Paltor, 1st August 1979

Hi!! I have just discovered your web, and i loved it. I'm from Barcelona, Spain. I'm 24 years old. I've studied filmmaking, and right now i'm starting to find a place in this hard movie's world. I love cats, you can see in one of the pictures, my loved cat, arwen. i enjoy listening music, pearl jam, gomez, pulp, placebo, blur, suede..., and going to the movies... obviously...You can find more about myself on my website http://www.iespana.es/mina8




Marta Jean Rapp

I was born on April 8th 1989... my e-mail addy is PureXtacy_PartyGurl69@yahoo.com. I am very hyper, i love rap/hip-hop/r&b music...and i was born in New Brunswick, NJ....I moved to nh and now i live in Vermont.



Marta Crovello

I am 8 years old. I like to draw and paint and swim.

In the summer I live on an island in Gull Lake Michigan. There are lots of other children here and many many dogs. All the dogs love me! My dog's name is Coco and I call her Coco Bean. She is a cockapoo. I spend the winter in Indy. Last winter my brother and I were in an opera.

Werther was the name of the opera and it was lot of fun and a marvelous success!

We wore old fashioned costumes



Hello everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!! My name is of course Marta. I live in a little village in Poland. I am 18 years old. I am always laughing and enjoying life. I like listen to music, sunbathing and play basketball. I have a lot of friends but I would like to have an e-mail friend too, so write to me right now!  On the photo with me are my

best friends: Marek and Łukasz.


Marta Katherine Bunse

Birthday: 2/11/1985
I am an 18 year old girl who is in love with rock and heavy metal music, Johnny Depp, and animals. I have 6 peircings and 1 tattoo (I love any form of body art!). My favorite movie is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas or Fight Club, my favorite book is Brave New World and my favorite
band is Tool. I will be attending Western Oregon University next year and majoring in Secondary Eduation as a speech and drama high school teacher. Where I live: Monmouth, Oregon What I Do: I love to snowboard in the winter and acting is a huge passion of mine. I also like to attend plays, movies, concerts and festivals. I am a huge supporter of the arts!


Marta Maraboli-Paul

38 yrs. old, italian (from Verona) livin in Germany (Augsburg) and married with a German.

More about myself:



Marta Vera

live in Barcelona (Spain).
I´m 23 years old and employed at a hospital
I like to sail along Internet, but I haven't web page yet.
I like to travel, to listen music and to be with my friends. Good byeeeeee



Marta Grzegorek

marta grzegorek's the name...my familys originally from poland, i visit there everyonce in a while.
im 16 years old and i love to travel.

ive been to germany,  england, spain, greece, mcedonia, hungry, croatia, slovakia, italy, austria, morocco, brazil,, argentina mexico,...thats all i can think of so far. i have family all over the world.

i also make art. and study it.it makes me happy.
the end

Marta Bates

Hi I'm Marta Szczecinska now Bates, and I'm 25 years old. I was born
in Warszawa Poland but now live in Toronto, Canada, with my husband and
two cats.
Happy New Year to all the Martas of the world. Pozdrowienia!



Hi Marta,

My name is also Marta. I live in Atlanta, GA. I like to drive my friends around and take them wherever they want to go, as long as they pay me $1.75. I like to wear blue, orange and red. I've attached a photo of me hanging out in Atlanta.


John Soulsby soulsman1965@yahoo.com

Marta Lopez Montesinos

I am Marta Lopez Montesinos from Spain. I was born in 1976 in Valencia and I am currently living and working in London. I am a painter and I work as a gallery assistant in a contemporary art gallery in Brixton (London).

I have been living in London nearly two years now.I live with my boyfriend Matt, from France, and we do not know where we will be living next year or what we will be doing.But we do nto mind, we love each other.

I am a painter because I love to express myself through my paintings. I am a observer and I like to put on the canvas what I see or what I dream. I love making all kind of paintings, about people, places, objetcs, feelings...

Marta López

Hello Martas, and hello to all. Greetings from Madrid. I am one of those Martas that there is by the world. I am 28 years old, I am journalist and sociologist, but at this moment, things of the life, work like graphical designer. D´ont forget to visit my web page and to send an email to me.



Marta Avellana Fort

Hello!!! My name is marta (ahahaha ;) ), full name Marta Avellana Fort.
I'm 20 years old. My brirthday is 17 october. I live in Valencia, Spain, in front of the Mediterranean sea. I like swiming and reading. And, of course, partys.


Marta Smith

My full name is Marta Smith. I’m 41 years old (born in October 1967), and I’m a software engineer living in Seattle, Washington, USA. My interests including sea kayaking, camping, traveling, sailing, art, riding my motorcycle, playing with my cats, and performing with a semi-professional belly dance troupe. I also love good food, good wine, and good film.

I recently did some research on the name “Marta” – I had originally thought that it was derived from the Latin, translated as “child of Mars” (i.e., child of war). However, it can also be traced to ancient Aramaic, in which it means “Lady.” I think I like the second one better. Cheers to all the Martas of the world!

--Marta Smith


Marta, from Iowa

I am 12 years old and I live in Boone, Iowa. I was born in Russia, and was
adopted four years ago. I have two brothers and two sisters. I like to take
care of babies, and style people's hair. I also like to draw and play the
clarinet. My favorite colors are red and gold because they are the colors of
Iowa State University, where my dad works. Go Cyclones!

Marta Piotrowski-Orbell

My name is Marta Piotrowski-Orbell, and I'm 23 years old.  I was born in Poland, but now I live in Bartlett, Illinois with my husband,  two step-sons, and a calico cat.  I love to paint, and right now I'm studying at the Art Institute.  I was very excited to see so many Martas in one place; it's like a special club because "Marta" is not a terribly common name. 

I wish all the Martas in the world well!

Pozdrawiam wszystkie Marty na calej ziemii!

Marta Wiechowska

I moved to Florida from Krakow, Poland. Love the beautiful weather, friendly people and opportunities to grow. Thank you Marta, the owner of www.marta.com for creating this "Marta" page

Marta Holstein-Beck,

The Marta Gallery rocks!

I am Marta Holstein-Beck, polish living in Oslo - Norway.

I love my boyfriend Paul, travelling around the world, my family, friends and and my cats - Charlie and Gloria.
I have never met another Marta - even though I am from Poland and I have lived in Madrid - Spain - two countries where the name seems to be quite popular. I don't like my name pronounced in norwegian - but I like the sound of it in polish and in spanish! After viewing the gallery I guess Marta is a pretty cool name after all!!
Love you all Martas and wish you the best of luck.

My boyfriend took this picture of me on my birthday last year, when we went to Amsterdam to celebrate it. We had the best time ever and I love to look at it and think of that wonderful evening!

Marta Molas

"My name is Marta Molas, i'm from Barcelona (Spain) and I was born on 24 december 1979, so now I'm 23 years old. I'm the leader of one Community Web about Theatre: www.telepolis.com/comunidades/teatro (is in spanish, i'm sorry). Theatre is my passion, and I belong to a teather amateur group too which works is the best-known suburb from Barcelona: Gràcia. I like photography too, so, perhaps this is the reason why I just falling in love with

Marta del Pozo

My website is www.garage.ya.com/cibergirl17"

Hello my name is marta del pozo I`m from bilbao(spain),I have 18 years old and my birthay is 25 of july.
Im 1,60 my weigth is 55 and i have blond hair and green eyes.
I'm studing informatica .
I like swimming,dancing,partys,cinema.
I like all the kinds of music,like eminem,roxete,la oreja de van gogh...




Marta Chambers, Tampa, FL USA

I am a born and raised American living in Florida. Currently, I have been taking some time off from the rat race and enjoying the free time. I worked in the software industry for several years as a technical instructor, and had a prior career as an exercise physiologist in cardiac rehab and with obese patients. My master's is in health education and kinesiology. Divorced, no kids...just cats. It's great to meet all these "Marta's!"


MARTA LIPIŃSKA, Wrocław, Poland, 16 (almost 17) years old

"I'm a high school student and I love languages, music and I'm totally keen on radio. When I graduate I wanna study English philology and journalism at the university in Wrocław. I'm huge fan of travelling and Italian and Spanish music (by the way - hand up for Marta Sanchez, lol!).
My home page isn't the best but you may have a look at
www.matmice.com/home/martula. Best wishes and hugs for all Martas around the world!!!"


Marta Matos

"Hi out there,

Today I was currently browsing through the web when I decided to write my name in and it came to my suprise that there was actually something under my name. I am Portuguese and I am 23 yrs old, I went to Australia when I was 3 yrs old and then lived there with my perants for 10 years, i have 2 lovely sisters one is 19 and the other little one is only 7, my perants and my sisters live out in portugal but I live with my boyfriend whom is portuguese too, in London. I am a very fun and loving person and my star sign is sagitarius, I was born on the 13th of December 1979, I am a European sales Coordinator working for a great company, I am a very happy Marta!"


Marta Garrido

Hi!!! I'm Marta Garrido from Jaen (Spain). I'm 15 and my birthday it's 20th december. Marta is the best name of the world!!! Kiss for all Martas.

Marta Lason

 "Hello! I'm a fourteen year old gilr from Sweden named Marta! I saw your page with the "marta gallery" and I'd really like to be in the gallery. My name is Marta Lason and I live in Sweden, Stockholm. I'm 14 years old and I like...to play the piano, spend time with my friends, dance, karatejutsu...
I've got one older sister -17. My mom is from Poland so I'm half polish, but I've lived in Sweden all my life.
I love hearts and red roses =) //Marta -880803 <----don't forget my birthday *smile*"


Marta Alexandra Lopes Alves Grilo

My name is Marta Alexandra Lopes Alves Grilo, I am 23 years old, I live in Portugal, Lisbon and I work as an account manager.
My email is marta.grilo@mail.pt.
I'm not very tall (1,62m), I have blond hair and brown eyes. I just love to have fun and go out with my friends, going to the the cinema and to the gym. I have another hobbies like reading and listening to music. And I really like my name!!!"


Marta Dybikowska

"Hello! My name is Marta Dybikowska. I'm 28 years old  - 16.10.1975.  I'm 1,66m tall, have a blue eye's and blonde hair. I live in Szczecin (POLAND). I'm finished study economy and now working in the office. I love traveling, music and sport. Send a very big kiss from every Marta's in the Earth. :)*"

Marta N.

"Birthday - April 15, 1982
Hair- Blonde
Eyes - Blue
Height - 5" 2'

My name is Marta N., I'm 20 and I live in Lubbock, Texas. I am a third year student at Texas Tech University where I am majoring in Music Education. I plan on teaching strings to young children one day, and maybe teaching elementary music. I have played the cello for 10 years and played piano as a child for 11 years.

My name came from my Grandmother (Martha) and a Great- Aunt (Arta), my grandmother did not want me to be names Martha because she hated her name and so my parents compromised by joining two family names, one from each side of the family."

Marta Kostecki, 23 Yrs. Old

"I work as an administrative assisstant at
Sylvan Learning Center in N.C., USA. I am originally
from Poland. I spent a lot of my youth traveling. I
currently take internet courses toward a diploma in
Child Psychology. I will be attending college soon to
obtain a Master's in English Education. I am also,
pursuinig a career in writing. I love to drive around
the country, get lost, have a picnic and take
pictures. Most of all I love being a mom. My daughter
is 2.5 yrs old. She is my heart. I love to read to
her. I have a collection of children's books dating
from 1942."

Marta Haftek

" Besides loving to take photographs, I enjoy traveling and latin  dancing (oye como va, que rythmo bieno pago sar)<?. In the future I  would like to become a genetic engineer or perhaps a nurse who helps in  3rd world countries...I don't know. As far as personality, I am a very
lively person (Where this energy comes from, who knows). Some consider  me optimistic but I say it depends on the weather. I am open to change  and as a result many think I am brave....I'm not so sure. I was born in Warsaw, Poland, but currently I live in Minneapolis, MN. However, I  would like to one day leave the US and explore the world.

Birthday: August 26, 1986

Pozdrawiam wszystkie Marty - Best wishes to all Martas"

Marta Albert, 31 years old, Zürich (Switzerland).

Marta Albert

"I am ...
... 31 years old
... live in Zürich in Switzerland
... originally come from Barcelona
... am mom of 2 beautiful daughters, Sarah-Jane and Ariane
... work in a fitness-center at the reception and as a trainer

I like ...
... dancing
... reading books
... working with computers ;-)"

Marta Maldonado

My name's Marta and I'm from Catalonia, Spain. I was worn in 1977 and I hope to see my potograph soon in this page. Regards!!!

Marta Martin

Hi Marta!
I have been watching your site for sometime. It's wonderful and your babies are just precious. It's just neat to see them grow up. Yes, I envy that you have marta.com cause I wanted that too, but it's ok, cause I've got navygirl.com!!

Can you post my photo and info on your page? That would be so wonderful. Thank you!

Marta Martin is a Sailor who lives with her family in the US. She also has her very own website dedicated to her Shipmates. It's called ShipmatesOnline.com aka NavyGirl.com.

Here's a photo of her and her kids that the Navy uses to advertise throughout the Country!

Marta Carvalho Foley

Hi, I am a Marta too!

I am 5 and live in Portugal.
My Mummy is Portuguese and my Daddy is Irish.
I have a brother Sammy who is 2 years old.

I like painting and monster stories!

My birthday is the 4th of September

I liked to see all the other Martas and my Mummy and Daddy showed me
where they lived on a map.

We have the coolest name!

Marta Sanchez,, 24 years old, from Panama City, Panama


I am an artist/activist from the Republic of Panama, based in NY city. Please visit my website: www.poetryandart.org


Marta Reiman, 21 years old,  from Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA)

Marta Reiman

"I am 5'8 and slender with straight, long blonde hair and blue eyes. I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma but have been living in Hartford, CT for the last 4 years working on getting my BFA in acting and will graduate in May 2003 and will then pursue my acting career full time. I just had my professional acting debut at Hartford Stage Company and when I am not acting or studying I am bartending and partying."


Marta Henriquez, 21 years old, Boston, MA (USA)

"I like to write, listen to music, met new people and would like to have my own tv show in spanish some day. I also like to do exercise and listen to my favorite singers. You can see more pictures of me at


Marta Tamarit

Hi Martas!!
I´m Marta Tamarit, from Valencia, Spain. I´m 19 years old, i was born on 6 - juny - 1984.
I would like appear in www.marta.com because it´s an interesting page and a name like MARTA deserve be know around the world.
About me said that i´m a student of Physique in Valencia University; i like very much swim, play basket and go out with my friends.
Well girls it´s a pleasure share the name Marta with all of you, and i hope that this page be more and more big every day.
Best wishes (and sory for my english).


Marta Grijalva, 23 years old, from Switzerland.

"My web page is:
I live in switzerland but my origines is guatemalan (guatemala). I love cinema, painting, drawing, graphism, fotographie, friendship... So that's all...Cu.. Your marta from swiss.... (MARTA WITOUTH *H*)"

Marta Arriola, From Santoña (Cantabria, SPAIN)

Hi there! My name's Marta, an 18 years old girl from Cantabria, a zone in the north of Spain. I love going to parties, hanging ou with friends, hoking up on the inet, designing websites and HAVING FUN!! Piercings are my weakness :D I'm a student who loves travelling and speaking English, because it lets me connecting with people all around the world. So if you want to know me, then email me!

I think i would not be able to live without music. My favourite groups are Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Garbage... I'm in love with SEA and SUN, in summer im the happiest girl you have ever known : ) see you guys.


Marta Salvat, From Tarragona (Spain)

"I'm tall, I've blond hair and green eyes. I'm an active girl and a happy person all the times that life allows me. I study second of psicology at the university. You can know me more in my website that it is: www.midimension.es.mn (however, i must tell you that the web is in Spanish)"

Marta L., From Ohio (USA).

I'm Marta L! I love dogs, arts, and punk shows. I have an Italian
Greyhound (Lyla), and I'm studying to be an architect. I'm from
Cleveland, Ohio but live in Baltimore, Maryland now. My father's
family is Polish and my mother's is German and Austrian.

Marta Citterico, From Rome, Italy.

"I live in Rome, and I study at the third year of the scientific lycée. I’m not very tall (about 1,67 m), and not very light (!). I have blond hair and blue eyes. I love paint and play role’s game. I love animals"

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